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About the Online Magazine

Friends of Queer History publishes on its website research-based general information on Finnish queer history and its sources in the online magazine Writings of Friends of Queer History.

The magazine articles serve not only the general public, but also particularly researchers, memory and educational institutions. We publish texts mainly in Finnish and Swedish but also in English.

The online magazine’s ISSN is ISSN 2737-3908. In this manner articles are indexed in public databases and can be joined with the University’s research information systems in order to advance the social impact of both the writer and their organization.

Friends of Queer History was established in 2020 in order to advance the knowledge of history regarding gender and sexual minorities, as well as for the research, recording, and representation of queer history.

The online magazine is produced with the support of the Kone Foundation.

Editorial Staff

Editor in Chief: Tuula Juvonen (
Editorial Secretary: Kaura Raudaskoski (
Other Editorial Board Members: On the Editorial Board in 2022 are Friends of Queer History Board members Eva Isaksson, Antti Kauppinen, Jean Lukkarinen, Rita Paqvalén, Minna Sannikka, Kari Silvola, and Emil Uuttu.

Forms of Text

Articles are short scientific articles regarding themes of queer history based on the researcher’s own research
Commentaries are various writers’ short commentaries on the recording, researching, or teaching of queer history
Presentations are memory institutions’ presentations regarding their collections and the usage of them
Reviews are queer history experts’ reviews of books and other cultural commodities
Press Releases are information regarding the Organization and its partners

Writings of Friends of Queer History is an online magazine published by the association Friends of Queer History at

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