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Safer space guidelines

These are the safer space guidelines for Friends of Queer History. We are an anti-discrimination association. By commiting to these principles we aim to create a space free from harassment and discrimination, which contributes to an equal operating culture. We are constantly developing principles and updating them as needed and as we learn new things. We have used Seta ry’s principles of safer space as a basis for these principles.

This page was last updated on October 12, 2021.

1. Discussion culture, sensitivity and mutual respect

Be open and listen. Do not make assumptions on anybody’s gender, sexual orientation, ability, background or other personal characteristics. Respect the right to free self-identification for everyone – and the right not to define oneself. Do not make assumptions or generalizations on personal experiences. Also do not comment on personal appearances.

Give space to others. Make sure everyone is heard and involved in the joint discussions. Evaluate the length of your own speeches and the common space you use so that there is room for everyone else. Also listen actively and with respect to the speeches of others.

It is human to make mistakes. Any of us may inadvertently offend and speak unconsiderately, such as accidentally speaking over others or inadvertently using offensive words. You can point this out while respecting the other and without shaming them. Also apologize, if necessary, and correct your own actions. The premise is that everyone participates in the discussion in good faith and from their own point of view.

Please note that attending virtual events is not familiar to everyone. Do not disparage or criticize if you think self-evident questions about technology or practice are being asked.

In remote/online events, not all nonverbal communication is transmitted, even over a video connection. Consider your words and strive for clarity. If the event uses chat for joint discussion, write as carefully as possible without hidden meanings.

In a safer space, it is also possible to step into your own area of discomfort and learn something new.

2. Respect for boundaries, consent, harassment and discrimination

All forms of discrimination, racism and harassment are strictly prohibited.

Respect your own and others’ boundaries – physical, mental and social. No means no. Stop or change your behavior if someone else so requests.

Do not photograph other people at Friends of Queer History events without the consent of everyone in the picture. This applies to both on-site and online events. The names of the participants may appear on the screen during remote events. Always ask permission from the people in the pictures not only to publish all the artwork but also to tag the people in the pictures on social media.

All those in the situation are responsible for creating a safer space. If you notice discrimination, racism or harassment, either address the situation yourself or report it to the organizers, such as the harassment contact persons.

3. Harassment contacts

  1. Kaura Raudaskoski
    +3584578317571 (phone call, text message, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal)
    private message on Zoom
  2. Annemarie Müller
    During events / Private message on Zoom or other event platform

If you are harassed or bullied, you have the right to ask for help. The harassment contact persons will treat the matter in strict confidence. No action will be taken without your initiative. You will receive discussion support from the harassment persons to reflect on the situation, and you can discuss together how to proceed.

Sexual harassment means any unwanted conduct of a sexual nature, be it verbal, non-verbal or physical, which intentionally or de facto violates a person’s mental or physical integrity, in particular by creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or distressing atmosphere.

Gender-based harassment means unwanted conduct related to a person’s gender, gender identity or gender expression that is not sexual in nature, and that intentionally or de facto violates the other person’s mental or physical integrity, and creates a threatening, hostile, degrading, humiliating or distressing atmosphere.

4. Feedback

You can give feedback on these safer space principles and all the activities of Rainbow History friends with our general feedback form. Click here to provide feedback.

Feedback can also be given anonymously. We are grateful for all the feedback we have received, it helps us develop our operations in a safer direction!

5. Terms and glossaries

LGBTQIA Resource Center Glossary: