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Estate Arrangements

People often leave behind many items and memories. Sometimes they contain valuable kernels of queer history; perspectives which are too often forgotten.

If you know or suspect that there is documentation related to a queer life in the estate of a loved one, things such as photographs, diaries, documents, items, or accessories, make certain they are not disposed of. Even materials that may seem trivial can be part of significant social events and valuable historical perspectives.

The materials can be easily donated to a museum or archive maintained by professionals. In Finland, there are two places that document queer history:

The Labour Archives (documents, photographs)
The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas (items, photographs, letters, diaries)

A large portion of documentation regarding queer history has sadly been dumped or destroyed, which makes researching queer history much more difficult. Together with the Labour Archives, Friends of Queer History has compiled detailed instructions on archiving personal records as well as archiving instructions for communities. If there are possibly any materials related to queer life in the estate of a loved one, it is best to get in touch with the Labour Archives or the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas.

Materials may also be freely donated during the course of your own life to both the Labour Archives and the Werstas Museum. In terms of preserving documentation, it is ideal when you donate it yourself as it can then be assigned the correct context and information.