Etusivu / Instructions for authors

Instructions for authors

Friends of Queer History association was established in 2020 to promote knowledge of the history of gender and sexual diversity, and the recording, study and presentation of queer history.

In the online journal Writings from Friends of Queer History, we publish commonsensical information about Finnish queer history and its sources, based on research.

In addition to serving the general public, the journal’s articles serve researchers, memory organizations and educational institutions in particular.

We publish the following types of text:

Text:Description:Author’s fee:
ArticlesShort (approx. 1000–1200 words) scientific articles on the themes of queer history; based on researchers’ own studies300 €
EssaysShort (approx. 400-700 words) texts by various authors on storing, researching or teaching queer history150 €
PresentationsPresentations written by memory organizations about their collections, public programs or other operations
Press releasesPress releases related to the association’s operations and field of activity

Texts offered for publication must be written informatively and in commonsensical language. Scientific articles use references (internal references) and/or a bibliography at the end. We publish texts in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Manuscripts will be sent to The editor-in-chief of Writings from Friends of Queer History is Tuula Juvonen and the secretary is Kaura Raudaskoski. The editorial board consists of members of the association’s board.

You can contact the editorial board before writing the manuscript and tell us about the text proposal.

If possible, please include an article image with the text. The image should be sufficiently large and preferably horizontal, with a 16: 9 aspect ratio if possible, to display properly on different platforms. An image increases the accessibility of the text, e.g. availability through search engines. If necessary, the editorial board of the online magazine can produce a suitable article image.

An ISSN number for the English part of the journal will be applied in 2022. The writings will then be indexed into public databases and can be linked to universities’ research information systems to gain social impact for the author and their organization.